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About Us

A Tradition of Adventure

For generations, hunting has been more than just a pastime for our family; it's a tradition that binds us across time and generations. What started as Papa's solitary excursions into the wilderness has evolved into a hunting outfit that we will share amongst all of you!

Bridging Generations

Papa, with his wealth of experience and timeless tales, brings a lifetime of wisdom to our outfitting adventures. His seasoned eyes have witnessed the changing landscapes of the wild, and his knowledge is a beacon guiding us through the intricacies of the hunt. Meanwhile, Dalton, with youthful vigor and a fresh perspective, infuses our expeditions with an energy that resonates with both seasoned hunters and those new to the thrill of the chase.

Experience & Enthusiasm

Papa's decades of hunting expertise are complemented by Dalton's modern approach to outdoor adventure. Together, we blend traditional hunting techniques with contemporary strategies, ensuring that our outfitting experiences are not only rooted in heritage but also attuned to the needs and interests of today's diverse hunting community.

Image by Aaron James

A Tradition of Adventure

Join us on this unforgettable journey as we combine the wisdom of the past with the enthusiasm of the present. Follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram! Share tips, stories, and a glimpse into the unique camaraderie that defines our outfitting experience.


Adventure, tradition, and family – welcome to Double Bar B Outfitters, where the spirit of the hunt binds us together across the ages.

Happy hunting,

- AW Baylor & Dalton Baylor

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